Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Best Beauty Companion!

I have been searching for a good BB cream for some time, and I am so happy to say that i have finally discovered one!

I am excited to recommend to you LEGERE UV WHITENING BB CREAM, which not only works as a liquid foundation but also functions as a sun block.... In other words, it covers your pores, eye bags and other imperfections while protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. On top of that, it offers skin whitening as well as provides oil control. Talk about multi-tasking! =)

What I really like about this particular brand is that when it is applied, I do not feel any stickiness on my face, which makes it comfortable to put on all day long. For those who sweat a lot, there is nothing to worry about as this product is water proof.

How to use it?

Use it after applying your daily skin care products. For oily skin, you can obtain the best results by applying loose powder after putting on this BB cream.

I totally recommended this to those who do not like heavy makeup, but would still want to look great!

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