Monday, May 3, 2010

Something to add to your pre-wedding shoot checklist :)

Photographer. Checked. Make up artist and hair stylist. Checked. Wedding gown. Checked. Beautiful Location. Checked.  Most of the time, these points form the entire checklist of brides preparing for their pre-wedding shoots. One crucial matter is usually left out, however. And that is - Styling.

Styling does not only mean pretty make up and fancy hair style; It means having pretty make up and fancy hair style that suits the shooting location and theme. For example, if you are aiming to achieve a vintage theme for your pre wedding shoot, and you are dressed up in a very chic short dress with 6 inch heels and edgy make up, you might initially like what you see in the mirror but once the pictures are out, you will notice something seems out of place. I think you get the picture.

It is not rocket science, yet not all of us are born with knowing the essence of proper styling. Else, stylists like yours truly would be out of their job. :) It is important to discuss with your stylist on what you want to achieve through the shoot, as well as the location, so that he/she can advise you on what attire and accessories are recommended to ensure everything is in place.

Recently, unique hairpieces have slowly become an essential piece in completing the look, and below are some of the ones that I have in my collection that have been or will be key pieces in completing the styling for my brides. By themselves, they might seem over the top at first, but trust me, putting on one of these will make a good photo look GREAT. 

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